Why do top performers leave?

Published 15/03/2022

top performers - staff retention

Sometimes hiring managers believe that hiring top performers alone will be enough to make a positive and immediate impact on their company. But there is a need for development programs, onboarding processes, or training to support high achievers in their careers for them to perform at their best.

Supporting your top talent with adequate development and training may be the key point for them to keep their productivity up. When an employee feels like they’re not doing a good job, that can be detrimental to their career satisfaction and your organization’s success as well. 

Every company that has a hunger for success will want to hire the best people in their field, this means that there’s always a high demand for top-performing employees. That’s the reason why your company should work very hard to retain that top talent.

Become the company everybody wants to work with

When you support your employees and provide them with a good and healthy work environment, the voice will run and you will create a reputation of being an excellent company to work on. 

Employer branding can show the candidates why they should work for your business. People will want to join your company and stay in your business when you become an employer of choice. It is also important to be clear and organized during the interview process, this will show the candidates what to expect when they start working at your company.

Tips on how to retain top performers

Having a good retention strategy is as important as having effective attraction methods. The last thing you want is your top performers to leave your company and start working for your competitors. These are six things you can include as key points in your retention strategy:

    1. Mentoring programs: having senior-level employees answer all the questions new starters may have can be a good strategy. 

    2. Don’t let your employees get bored with their jobs: show them all their skills are necessary for the company, rotate their tasks, or expand their roles.

    3. Recognition and reward: don’t oversee the success of your top performers.

    4. Working balance: remember onboarding is important, but don’t hold off on difficult tasks for new starters, don’t put excessive work on their shoulders because they’re new at the company either.

    5. Creating a positive work environment: where your top performers can feel comfortable and respected.
    6. Value your staff: people can surprise you, sometimes you will find top performers in people that you didn’t consider particularly high achievers. 


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