Meet Our Team Connect2BPO

Meet Our Team

At Connect2BPO, we firmly believe in fostering a collaborative spirit among our employees. We emphasize the importance of working together to achieve common goals, sharing knowledge and resources, and supporting each other in achieving success. Additionally, we prioritize open and transparent communication within our organization. We encourage our employees to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback freely, and we ensure that communication channels are easily accessible and responsive. Through these pillars, we aim to create a respectful and empathetic environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute to our collective success.

Employees and Leaders

Laura Bolivar

Bilingual organizational psychologist with comprehensive experience in human resources, excelling in the complete management cycle. Specialized in competency-based interviews, hiring, training, retention, onboarding, disciplinary processes, workplace well-being, budget management, and proficient in affiliations to the social security system and corporate ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Tatiana Pérez (Payroll Analyst)

I am Industrial Engineering, graduated from Universidad Libre, with 9 years of work experience in various fields. Over the last 6 years, I have specialized in payroll calculation and execution, social security, and payments. My profile is distinguished by my meticulous attention to detail, collaborative nature, and ability to develop automations that optimize the processes I handle.

Frank Albor (Executive Assistant)

I have been proudly serving as an Executive Assistant at C2BPO. This role has been a significant milestone in my career. With a solid background in Human Resources, business management, and resource administration, I joined C2BPO with a commitment to leveraging my expertise to contribute to the company’s growth and success. My approach is always hands-on and solutions-oriented, ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

Yisela Santrich (Accountant)

Certified Public Accountant specialized in Fiscal Auditing with 8 years of experience leading accounting, tax, and fiscal auditing processes, ensuring compliance with current tax regulations. Proficient in analyzing and optimizing area processes for efficiency. Skilled in Human Resources procedures, payroll management, social benefits, invoicing, and treasury operations. Currently holds the position of Accountant. 

Karime Salcedo (Talent Sourcer)

I am a Psychologyst graduated with a focus on Organizational Psychology from “Universidad del Norte”. With experience in the BPO sector, I’ve held various roles ranging from frontline positions to leadership roles. Transitioning into Human Resources, I’ve gained valuable insights into organizational dynamics. Currently, I am the recruiter for the company, responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process, including job posting creation and candidate selection. 

Teamwork and Collaboration

At Connect2BPO, we foster a collaborative spirit among our team members. We stress the significance of working together towards shared objectives, exchanging knowledge and resources, and rallying behind one another to achieve success.

Recognition and Appreciation

At Connect2BPO, we hold the value of Recognition and Appreciation close to heart. We understand the importance of acknowledging the hard work and accomplishments of our employees.

Respect and Empathy

We cultivate a culture of respect and empathy. We encourage our employees to value and appreciate each other's perspectives, experiences, and contributions. Through fostering empathy and understanding in all interactions, we promptly and effectively address any instances of disrespect or conflict.

Our Approach

We prioritize open and transparent communication within Connect2BPO. Our aim is to create an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their ideas, raising concerns, and offering feedback. We ensure that communication channels are readily accessible and responsive to facilitate seamless interactions.

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