RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruiting top talent can be challenging when there is insufficient experience or knowledge of the market.

At Connect2BPO (BPO Recruitment)we strive to identify incredible talent people who are eager and committed to the contribution of our shared success.

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By working with us, you will have access to a department with experienced recruiting officers who can review over 700 candidates per week.

In our recruitment process outsourcing, we have a wide variety of resources and search-engine methods that range anywhere from modern digital technologies, to alliances with the best universities in Colombia and job fairs from the compensation funds.

Our services as Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We are your Gateway to the Best Human Talent Colombia can Offer

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the Benefits for your company

Cost Savings

RPO can significantly reduce recruitment costs by eliminating the need for internal resources dedicated to hiring, such as HR personnel, job boards, and advertising expenses.

Access to Talent

RPO providers specialize in sourcing and attracting top talent, tapping into extensive networks and utilizing advanced recruitment strategies.

Expertise and Best Practices

RPO providers bring industry expertise, market knowledge, and best practices to the recruitment process.

Time Savings

Outsourcing recruitment saves valuable time for internal teams, allowing them to focus on core business activities. RPO providers handle time-consuming tasks such as candidate sourcing, screening, and coordination, accelerating the hiring process and reducing time-to-fill metrics.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

RPO providers prioritize delivering a positive candidate experience, which can significantly impact employer branding and talent acquisition efforts.

Data-Driven Decision Making

RPO providers analyze recruitment data from virtual platforms to optimize strategies continually. By tracking metrics such as candidate engagement, application rates, and cost-per-hire, they identify areas for improvement and cost reduction in the recruitment process.


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Connect 2 BPO S.A.S is a Business Process Outsourcing company established in 2016. We develop, execute and manage campaigns for businesses around the world.

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