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Business process optimization is critical to ensuring process improvement projects meet the expected results. Learn more...

Internal business processes often cost a lot of time and money, as it is the efficiency of these that determines how many resources are needed at all levels of a company, from manufacturing to business management. Find out how to optimize internal business processes in this article.

Best-in-class call centers proactively deliver the best customer experience while driving more sales. They’re focused on gaining the greatest lifetime value from their customers, although it’s not easy it's possible if you know what you’re doing. So, how do these call centers uncover their vast sales potential? They follow ten essential call center sales tips.

In a remote working environment, or a blended team, how can businesses ensure that they remain inclusive to both those at home and those in the office? Facilitating home working was a top priority for many businesses as an initial response to Covid-19. Now that it has been widely adopted and successful, it is crucial to assess how this has impacted diversity and inclusion (D&I) within organizations.

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