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Take advantage of unexploited opportunities by leveraging suppliers through an outsourcing partnership. Try the outsourced sales solutions.

We have +6 years of experience in the area and a trained staff that will meet all your needs.

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At a time when scalability, speed, and focus are essential, outsourcing sales is a proven way for companies to quickly and effectively drive revenue.

With us, your company will have a team to support you in generating prospects, nurturing leads, and moving clients through your sales pipeline.  

Maximize revenue with Connect2BPO’s outsourced sales solutions. Expand market reach efficiently and drive business growth.

Sales Outsourcing Offers

Our B2B lead generation services are comprehensive and tailored to meet your unique business objectives. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your presence or an established enterprise aiming for expansion.

B2B Lead Generation

Connect2BPO is not just another lead generation agency; it’s a strategic ally dedicated to sourcing high-quality B2B leads tailored to your specific industry and target audience. With a proven track record, they excel in providing comprehensive B2B lead generation services that drive tangible results.

In the dynamic world of B2B interactions, securing viable leads is crucial. This is where Connect2BPO’s lead generator expertise shines. As one of the leading B2B lead generation companies, they leverage innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies to connect you with prospects primed for your offerings.

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Telemarketing services can be an effective tool for businesses to reach out to a large audience quickly and efficiently.

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the Benefits for your company

Cost Savings

(e.g., in salaries, Training costs, Rent & office, techstack).


We are able to increase the size of the teams based on the project volumes at short notice.

Quality assurance

We have a customized QA system, feedback sessions and calibration meetings to ensure the effectiveness of our services.

Risk reduction

We have a pay-for-performance model in which you only pay for the results obtained.


We have qualified and trained personnel with insight in the market to be addressed.


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Connect 2 BPO S.A.S is a Business Process Outsourcing company established in 2016. We develop, execute and manage campaigns for businesses around the world.

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